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Version 1.0 Full Release

McKay Walker • Comments

Our version 1 release includes a full line of features, and a new look and feel for Standards Planner.

To outline the new features, please refer to the image below:

1) Left navigation full page view / collapse

Tired of seeing partial views of the standards, and the "..."? We fixed this by allowing you to pull the right tab to the right as far as you would like.

What about seeing your calendar or lesson plan full page width? Easily collapse the left navigation by clicking on the top arrow button. Now you will have more room to create and display.

2) “My Documents” tab on the left navigation

The problem we faced with creating and storing resources was it was entirely organized by the standards treeview. Now you can easily view a list of your documents, videos, and lesson plans within the "My Documents" section.

In the near future expect to see advanced search, sorting, and folder options to help organize your content.

3) Drag & drop resources from left navigation onto calendar

One of our biggest feature requests was the ability to save your teaching documents and videos to your calendar. We wanted to deliver this feature with our drag & drop capability.

Step One: Find your resource. Step Two: Drag and drop that resource onto the period you will teach it

Drag any resource type onto your calendar from the left navigation, and never worry again about saving them to specific times and dates. It is as easy as dropping any item onto the period container you will be teaching it.

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