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v2.9 - Community app, Avatars, EngageNy Free Resource

McKay Walker • Comments

Community App

Introducing the Community app, which allows you to start a conversation with anyone in the software.

When you log into your account you will see a new app in the top left of your screen.

Communities App

You can engage with different types of communities revolving around the subjects that you teach. We are currently taking suggestions on new communities to open up.

Post anything to the wall, drag and drop resources to share, comment and like other posts, and begin interacting with others in seconds.

Community Math App

You can also personalize your account by adding an avatar in your "My Settings" page.

EngageNY, ELA CCSS Aligned Resources

We have partnered with EngageNY to provide you with a quick way to access free content that thousands of teachers have grown to love.

EngageNY Logo

To view these resource click on the EngageNY app on the left side of your screen. Search or scroll through the material to see what is available.

You can also find these Common Core aligned resource by searching through the CCSS standards. When you find the standard you are going to teach click on it and "View Details". The next screen will show you all the aligned resources, including EngageNY.

EngageNY Resources

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