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The Top 5 Algebra OER's to Help You Tackle the CCSS

McKay Walker • Comments
Tackle CCSS Algebra

Two-a-days are over, cheerleaders are ready and the football season starts in full swing this week, but how are you feeling about the Common Core Standards?

In this week's list we have the top 5 free Algebra resources that should help you get the ball rolling.

5. Curriki - Algebra 1

This non-profit organization founded by Sun Microsystems has spent the last 10 years creating an online community of teaching resources. Each lesson is standardized, have resources referenced, and have multiple activities and assignments.

The algebra course is very simple to get use to. Each lesson follows the same structure: a basic overview, standards aligned, preparation, material lists, learning objectives, and the content of the lesson.

4. Saylor Foundation - Algebra I

If you want to use a course created by university and college faculty to prepare high school student for the next level, look no further than Saylor.

This foundation has been working with education consultants since 1999 and has become one of the largest open education providers. They provide more than 294 free courses.

If you are needing a resource that covers everything, this should be your pick. However, with so much information it can be complex to sort through. The standards alignment may be lacking, but once it is setup this will be a very powerful tool.

3. Open High School of Utah - Algebra 1

Being the highest rated online school in Utah, Mountain Heights has worked hard to currate educational content for their remote students. These resources have been released to the community for use in the classroom.

They also had their students create an impressive video that shows what they have learned from their online resources.

2. CK-12 - Algebra I, 2nd ed.

We are very fond of CK-12 and the "flexbooks" they have created. They are very easy to navigate, re-organize, and each lesson is aligned to standards (more or less).

The best part about the Algebra I course is the additions of interactive content they continually add. While going through lessons you can easily click a tab and view videos, assignments, and interactive assessment to help students learn.

1. EngageNY - Algebra 1

This is the resource to use if you are new to the common core standards. EngageNY has developed their curriculum to assist teachers every step of the way.

Although the course goes pretty fast, they have organized it the right way. Each module provides everything a teacher needs in the classroom. It does somewhat lack interactive components, but the quality of content trumps any additional needs. It easily guides teachers and student together in learning.

What algebra resources have you found to be the best?

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