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2014 Summer-time Feature Wrap Up

McKay Walker • Comments

The next update to Standards Planner is now available! We have spent the summer cracking down on a handful of user requested features and went through every page in the application to make sure performance is up to date.

Easier to learn, single page Our performance is better now that we converted everything to AngularJS. You'll notice how fast everything loads and that we are now a true single-page application. We've cut down the clicks necessary for you to do your job. Every page has been analyzed and tested to increase your productivity as an educator. Spend less time learning a new system and more time preparing for your students!

More intuitive calendar Many of you have been asking for features to make our calendar one of the best in learning management. We have now added the ability to copy lessons, resources, and other teaching material to use on multiple days. Each reference links back to a single documents so you don't have to individually change each copy. You can also drag your teaching material to different days or even to different periods. More details to come on all of the additions to the calendar.

Dozens of new standards categories Now you can allow your buildings and districts to access any new standard you are adopting. We have pulled in every national and state standard you can think of. Our list includes each individual states standards, ISTE, NGSS, CCSS, NRC, and more. We will post a detailed list in the next week.

And more... In the next week we will report in more detail all of these features including screenshots, video demonstrations, and everything you need to know to get started. Some additional features include:
  • Enhanced approval process
  • Updated Usage Reports
  • Teacher Course notification center

This update is now available with your accounts, our you can jump into a free trial and try them out!

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