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Standardize Your Teaching Calendar

McKay Walker • Comments

As we come to the final stretch of the school year we have noticed a common theme, everything is being measured at the district level by national and state standards comprehension.

We have had the opportunity over the last couple of months to work with users of Standards Planner to find the best way to help them plan for upcoming assessments.

Teachers can attach standards directly to their lesson plans, and even add them to their Khan Academy videos and Google drive documents. It's as easy as one click.

Aligning standards to resources

But sometimes you may want to have the standard right on the calendar as a bookmark or to show what you are teaching. This is why we have enabled drag and drop of standards from the app center to your calendar.

Dropping standards on the calendar

Simply find the standard you would like to focus on, drop it onto the calendar, and treat it like any resources. It will be there to help your peers and adminstrators know what you are teaching and also will be a bookmark to help you find aligned resources.

We automatically match the color of the period to the standard and give you options to jump back and find aligned resources.

Options when clicking on standards

Now that the standard is on your calendar you can click to see more options. Directly create lesson plans and find resources to use in the classroom.

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