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Printing, Connecting, and Feature Rich Lesson Plans

McKay Walker • Comments

We've been lucky at Standards Planner to be surrounded by teachers that love innovation, and I believe this is the reason why we have built such an amazing tool!

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Over the last month we've devoted our time to building features that were requested by you through our help and support ticket system. We've read every entry, reached out to users, and tested different scenarios to make sure we were enhancing teachers experiences -- not adding more work.

Here is a quick update on the new features and fixes now included in version 2.11 of Standards Planner.

1. New Lesson Plan Editor - Embed videos, insert images, and more

Our goal from the beginning was to provide a place for teachers to store their teaching material, and only have to go to one page. We did this, however we didn't have time to make the experience as beautiful as it needed to be.

We've actually simplified the tools available in your lesson plans, but added a few that you are really going to love.

New lesson plan editor

  • Embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Full page edit mode, remove all distractions and focus on instruction
  • Insert images as easy as drag and drop from your desktop
  • Insert tables to match your existing district teaching templates
  • Switch to HTML mode to style your lesson plans more advanced

Let us know how we can enhance your lesson planning in the near future.

2. Print directly from your calendar - in Week and Day view

Now that you have all of your teaching material stored in one place in the cloud it's easy to find, but what about giving a copy to your substitute or turning into your administrator?

At the top of the calendar you will not see a new button, the print icon which allows you to print every lesson plan displayed for the week or day you are viewing.

Printing from your teacher calendar

Once clicked you will see a summary of the lesson plans you will be printing. Make sure you are printing the right material and then click "Print".

3. Global Oneness Project app, bringing the world to your classroom

We've partnered with the amazing folks at Global Oneness Project to bring their award-winning material to you and your students.

When you log in you will see a new icon in the app center on the left. Simply click on it and thumb through their amazing material aligned to the Common Core and Next Gen Science standards.

Global Oneness Project app

We will be adding their interactive videos and content in the near future, in the mean time there are links to these in the instructional documents included.

4. Other enhancements and bug fixes

  • Connecting the Community and Friends app to allow quicker user sharing
  • "Add to My Docs" button added to resource viewer on shared resources
  • Full standards audit to make sure all state standards are up to date
  • Grade filtering fixed for national and state standards
  • Usage report fixes to show users storage capacity and resources
  • Google calendar fully working on teacher calendar
  • Ability to turn on multiple state standards in user settings

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