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Parents, Substitutes, Calendar Sharing, and Full Collaboration

McKay Walker • Comments

We will briefly highlight the new releases in this article, but to learn specifics about how to setup your friends list or make your calendar public visit our docs sections. We will be posting step by step instructions and training videos.

1) Publish and share your public teaching calendar

Share Public Teacher Calendar

Through your friends app or by URL you now can publish your teaching calendar for substitutes, parents, students, or peers.

You can also customize your calendar to only display the subjects you would like in your schedule page.

2) Connect with users, share files

Friends App Share resources

When you click on the friends list app you will now see a list of the friends you have invited to use the software as well as the peers you are following.

Click on their name to either see their public calendar or the files they are sharing with the public.

This is a great way to share what is working in your classroom.

3) Collaborate with peers and build resources together

Collaboration with peers

Now that you have your friends list setup, you can easily share and collaborate on resources together.

Simply click on the resource and select the "collaborate" button. This will insert the resource you have selected into a new topic to discuss with whomever you choose.

You can also check out the new collaboration features by clicking on the chat icon at the top right of the navigation.

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