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Modified Periods, Enhanced Calendar, Updated Standards

McKay Walker • Comments

While you've been pushing through testing season, we've been building. And building and building.

Standards Planner has gone from a great tool to organize your material, to an extremely quick and easy tool to save you hours of prep time.

We've done major work to the calendar, standards, period setup, subject and lesson plan creation. Check out what's new:

New and improved subjects and period setup

Creating new Periods

  • New button added at top left of calendar to quickly create a new period.
  • Fill out the form and see it automatically!
  • New supported period formats: Daily, Weekly, and custom A/B Rotating schedules.
  • All on one screen - we condensed three pages into one modal.
  • See the full walkthrough

Click and deploy -- a better calendar experience

  • Click anywhere on the calendar to quickly create new lesson plans or upload resource, it will be inserted where you clicked once saved.
  • Drag and drop any resource, anywhere on the calendar!
  • Adjust the time range on your calendar from your account settings. (ex. 5am - 7pm displayed everyday, defaults 8am - 5pm)

Updated Standards and Office365 Single Sign-on (SSO)

  • Conducted full audit of national and state standards. Should be active and up to date.
  • Fixed a few bugs in loading the standards by grade levels for a few state standards.
  • You can now register and login with your Office 365 account!

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new features. We will continue to make sure you have all the tools needed to be prepared for next school year.

Enjoy your summer!

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