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Google Drive Connected

McKay Walker • Comments

This year Google hit over 190 million users for their Drive app, formerly known as Google Docs. We have even seen schools transition solely over to drive to cloud host all of their district and teacher documents.

We have now opened up Standards Planner to allow you to connect straight to your Google account, enabling single-sign-on and using your drive documents.


Connecting your Standards Planner account to google is simple.

1 - In the top right dropdown click on your settings page

My Settings Dropdown

2 - Click on the "Link Google Account" button

Link Google Drive Account

3 - Go through the authentication process that allows Standards Planner to connect the single sign on

Google Authentication

4 - Test out the login by going back to app.standardsplanner.com and click on the Google Sign-in button

Standards Planner Login Page

5 - Walla! You are now connected.

Google Drive

Now that you are connected, head over to the left navigation and view all of your Google Drive documents!

Google Drive

To use your google drive documents in your teaching simply click on them to view, or convert them into a Standards Planner document to use on your calendar, share with peers and more.

Convert Google Drive Document

Note: All documents will still remain in your Google Drive account, we do not change the location these resources are stored, only add additional informaiton to them including standards, meta data, etc.

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