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Friends App to Connect Accounts, Get Free Teacher Storage

McKay Walker • Comments

Earlier this school year we developed our collaboration feature for district users that allows them to send messages and build resources together. Any user not a part of a district account could not connect with other Standards Planner users, until now.

Today we have launched the first step in connecting users together. You will notice a new tab in the top navigation, "My Referrals", which allows you to invite your friends, connect, and collaborate.

My Referrals for Connecting Teacher Accounts

An easier way to access your friends list is by clicking on the "Friends App" and inviting your peers to connect.

My Referrals for Connecting Teacher Accounts

Earn free rewards!

Not only will you be able to collaborate and share your teaching schedule with other users, but we will reward you for it!

Any person you invite through email or social media, will be added to your reward progress with our built in referal code system.

There are three ways to invite:

  1. Enter email addresses straight into the fields provided and we will automatically invite them
  2. Copy and paste the unique link into any email or social account
  3. Select the tweet button on the "My Referrals" page and the code will be automatically inserted

Invite Peers to Lesson Planner

Any friend that signs up will be added to your total count to receive rewards. In the future look for some free swag and hardware to show up in this section!

Free Rewards for Inviting Users

Coming up soon

Next month we will be adding the ability to interact with your friends list by sharing calendars, collaborating, and a few other options. So invite away!

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