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App Center, Theme Picker Preview

McKay Walker • Comments

We read your input, we really do!

That is why we have taken some time to step back and assess the software as a whole. We have even looked at the little basics like color, font, and usability to make sure your experience is as rich as possible.

Before the year comes to an end we will be releasing a new feel to our software. Take a look at a few features we are raving about.

Theme Picker

We have added 9 new themes to the software so you can customize your account in pretty much every way.

If you feel more comfortable working on a darker background we have a few options as well.

Choose your favorite color or even show your school pride!

App Center

To date this is our most exciting feature release yet. We are extremely pleased with the output of the development staff and feel this will help teachers around the globe.

We have redesigned the left navigation and app-itized it! Now you can see district, personal, and free 3rd party resources organized by app.

Favorite, remove, and add new apps to your screen to help organize your material.

  • Khan Academy: Access any KA video from within our software, and use them on your calendar and in lessons

  • CK12 Flexbooks: Search through thousands of free textbooks to help teach specific standards

  • Google Drive: Use any resource in you google drive to start preparing for the classroom.

Gone are the days of going to multiple websites to teach your classes, you now have everything in one page.

Tell us what you think below!

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